Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blogs, and why I hate them.

Blogs just seem to be the avenue for opinionated people who's ideas have either been heard a thousand times by other people, or who's ideas are far to stupid for the general public to accept. Or maybe, the blogger's life has been riddled with humiliation and degradation, so the only way that they can sooth their fragile ego, is to believe that they have a medium to reach people with similar ideas. I'm sorry Blogger, but thousands of other people are already doing exactly what you are doing, and chances are that in the pseudo-competitive world of blogging, your blog will not be read for a couple reasons:

1. There are millions of blogs
2. Nobody cares what your opinion is on the status quot, or why rottweilers are better than corgis. 3. People only want a product that you can provide for them, like free music, or porn.

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