Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Youth Americas Obsession with (shitty) Hip Hop

Gets this WTF of this week.

Seriously? There are so many other genres out there, and you had to chose the most generic, overplayed, over saturated one with a common thesis that boils down to fuck bitches make money. Sure, I'm all about plowin some fine ass, and getting paid to do it, but it feels like anyone who needs some ex crackhead, or dude who was born with money to metaphorically (er, poorly metaphorically) tell them to do this, probably have some serious self confidence issues. It's not surprising that these are the same people who all dress the same, speak the same, and generally act the same, all in order to fit in. This is the reason why Jersey fucking Shore is so popular. Hey bitch, you have daddy issues, and i bet if i tease you enough, yet give you affection when you desperately need it, yet teach you something in the process, you'll probably sleep with me. But wait, isn't that incest?

Dude, did you hear the new Weezy song? It was fucking ill son!

Ya son, it will ill, and i wanted to put myself down after hearing it. Boop Boop Bee Beep Boo Boo Boo, snare build up, "heh, heh, heh, I make money, just like a sultan, if you ain't me, get with the program." = dick sucked, millions made.

Now all hip hop isn't bad:

MF Doom
The Coup
Public Enemy
Tribe Called Quest
most members of the Wu Tang Clan
Big L
De La Soul
Brand Nubian
Eric B and Rakim
The Roots
Jedi Mind Tricks
People Under the Stairs

Now these are all awesome hip hop artists that care just as much about the art and the message as the money that piggybacks with it.

Just Started Getting Back Into This

Stay tuned everyone! More loathing ahead!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Blog, My Opinion, Deal with It.

If you are offended by anything that I post in this blog, then don't read it, it is simple as that. There are plenty of other bloggers who need loving. I'm only doing this because I want a good grade for my class, so I'm going to write about nonsense. If you can't find a good blog, may I redirect you to one of my idols in the bloggosphere (what a terrible word.)


Stuff is pure gold, check it out.

Maddox, the content provider, writes about everything from pop culture, fashion, to digital media, without pulling any punches. He gives hell to U2, the iPhone, Dave Matthews Band and rednecks who are still in love with Dale Earnhardt. In other words, he hates hipsters, which is apparent and appropriate.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blogs, and why I hate them.

Blogs just seem to be the avenue for opinionated people who's ideas have either been heard a thousand times by other people, or who's ideas are far to stupid for the general public to accept. Or maybe, the blogger's life has been riddled with humiliation and degradation, so the only way that they can sooth their fragile ego, is to believe that they have a medium to reach people with similar ideas. I'm sorry Blogger, but thousands of other people are already doing exactly what you are doing, and chances are that in the pseudo-competitive world of blogging, your blog will not be read for a couple reasons:

1. There are millions of blogs
2. Nobody cares what your opinion is on the status quot, or why rottweilers are better than corgis. 3. People only want a product that you can provide for them, like free music, or porn.

So, in order to make this blog useful, I am going to provide my readers (if i got any) with free music and porn!

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