Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Youth Americas Obsession with (shitty) Hip Hop

Gets this WTF of this week.

Seriously? There are so many other genres out there, and you had to chose the most generic, overplayed, over saturated one with a common thesis that boils down to fuck bitches make money. Sure, I'm all about plowin some fine ass, and getting paid to do it, but it feels like anyone who needs some ex crackhead, or dude who was born with money to metaphorically (er, poorly metaphorically) tell them to do this, probably have some serious self confidence issues. It's not surprising that these are the same people who all dress the same, speak the same, and generally act the same, all in order to fit in. This is the reason why Jersey fucking Shore is so popular. Hey bitch, you have daddy issues, and i bet if i tease you enough, yet give you affection when you desperately need it, yet teach you something in the process, you'll probably sleep with me. But wait, isn't that incest?

Dude, did you hear the new Weezy song? It was fucking ill son!

Ya son, it will ill, and i wanted to put myself down after hearing it. Boop Boop Bee Beep Boo Boo Boo, snare build up, "heh, heh, heh, I make money, just like a sultan, if you ain't me, get with the program." = dick sucked, millions made.

Now all hip hop isn't bad:

MF Doom
The Coup
Public Enemy
Tribe Called Quest
most members of the Wu Tang Clan
Big L
De La Soul
Brand Nubian
Eric B and Rakim
The Roots
Jedi Mind Tricks
People Under the Stairs

Now these are all awesome hip hop artists that care just as much about the art and the message as the money that piggybacks with it.


  1. Man, what you hate ain't rap. You hate corporate hip-hop, cobbled in a lab like hamburger helper to push plastics products to pasty-ass purchasers. I think you might find my blog to be useful to you.

  2. I fuckin' hate hip-hop. SOME can be good, but I rarely listen to music that doesn't involve actual instruments or talent.

  3. LOL srsly
    fucking hoodrats thinking that autotuned bragging about hot bitches they don't get is music
    shame shame

  4. Agreed. Hip hop needs more variety and some legit lyrics, instead of the cookie cutter crap about cars and drugs and bitches that gets churned out every day. Something's gotta change.

  5. All king of music have shitty band or "artist"

    In rock blues folk rap hip hop etc etc..

    You just have to stick to the best and not only the fashionable one if i can say so

  6. pure fucking hatred... you gotta realize alot of hip hop is made to either a) dance to b) fuck to c) to sel records. if you can understand the art in that capacity its a little easier to like shit-hop

  7. very cool mate.supp

  8. Meh... hip-hop is just not my thing.

  9. Awesome post! keep up the good work...

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